Door-to-Door Transport Delivery or Terminal-to-Terminal Pick-up?

There are many reasons to go door to door delivery versus using auto transports that favor dropping your car at a terminal for a “discount” price. After many years of hearing horror stories about this practice we decided to list some reasons why you should never use a terminal.

Let’s start with the security issue. Many of these terminals have little to no security on site. Trucks come and go constantly much like a truck stop. Cars go in and cars go out. Stereos are stolen, windows are broken, cars ransacked. About five years ago a transport trailer was jacked up and had its rear tires stolen. Imagine that, a safe secure terminal and the transport has its wheels stolen? These type of stories are out there if you work in this industry. Good companies know better than to send a customer’s car to a terminal.

Next we can talk about damage. What happens when another truck enters the terminal and scrapes the side of your car while it is in that “safe and secure” terminal? Who pays for that? The answer? YOU DO. When the transport actually physically has your car they are RESPONSIBLE for the care and safety of it. They damage it, they pay. When they deliver your car to a terminal often times the car is dropped off and sits until you can get to it. The transports don’t wait around. Especially if they’ve damaged your car in any way. Who pays? YOU DO.

One other last and final thing to know about terminals. Thieves target them. They know if they can get inside the terminal they will find cars that are not under a watchful eye. Easy pickings as they say. Stay away from terminals and you will save yourself from big problems.