How To Find A Quality Car Shipping Company.

To get an accurate overview of any company, we suggest you check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) first. When checking their site, we strongly urge you to pay close attention to the exact wording of the company you are researching. Customer Reviews are what The BBB are all about.

There are many unscrupulous auto transport companies that are using slightly modified names and web addresses to tread on well respected and established companies in an effort to fool the general public into thinking they are doing business with someone they are not.

Our company has an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. Rapid Auto Transport is part of the Auto Transport Services network and you are welcome to see all of our reviews. Click here to see them now. Any questions feel free to call.

Fraudulent Customer Reviews and Auto Transport Review Websites

This is a bad situation. Some websites like The Better Business Bureau offer quality reviews of businesses throughout the USA. They are the only real barrier between the customer who seeks to ship his car and the unscrupulous transport companies who are waiting to fleece him.

The other option available to the public would be online auto transport reviews. The problem with them is that often times they aren’t real. The public sees them and thinks the customer reviews they are reading are all true. In reality some of it is but a large share of it is not. It’s all about sneaky reviews placed between real genuine reviews. The review websites have mastered the art of editing so well that the results are seamless and the reader is very easily lead to whichever transport company the review website is favoring. Why would they do such a thing? The answer is money!

The online review websites collect advertising dollars from the very transports they claim to offer unbiased reviews about. If you are a transport company you already know this because those transport review websites will go so far as to market their “services” to you. Those services include taking money to skewer the reviews in your favor. It happens all the time. While there are true factual reviews by customers in some cases there are also many reviews that you, the potential car shipping customer, will never see until those companies stop buying advertisements.

The safest way to ship your car is to have a reference from someone you know, if possible.

There are also reviews on those sites that are pumped up to scare as many potential customers away from those companies that refuse to spend ad money on their site. So if you choose to do research online of a company using the auto transport review websites you should consider every word to be potentially biased. Again, doing research with The Better Business Bureau is a far better alternative that offers factual information.

The BEST way to find a good company is word-of-mouth. Finding someone who can give you a reference to someone they have worked with is great information. Sometimes it is the best source too.

The best car shipping companies don’t leave a trail of complaints and terrible reviews behind them. They appreciate their customers and look to long term service and great word-of-mouth to support them. The best companies aren’t being sued or have negative press generated by their customers because they know how to take care of them. So to sum this up here are a few tips:

When researching a company make absolutely certain you have the correct spelling of their name. The best car shipping companies are well established and have lesser, unscrupulous companies trying to infringe upon their business name to make profits.

Find out who actually owns the company you are considering for your auto shipping needs. Their name should be on their FMCSA license. Look them up on open court documents if you can. You may be shocked at what you find.

Many online auto transport review websites sell advertising to auto transport companies. Any website that you find highlighting favorite transports or running paid ads for them should be ignored. Simple as that. How can you believe anything they say when they are accepting kickback ad dollars from the very companies they are reviewing? This has been going on for a long time now and often times the transport review websites will keep a paid advertiser’s reviews clean. It’s a horrible thing and the unsuspecting public has no clue just how bad the company is that they just hired.

One final suggestion: take a look at the license for the transport company. Look for any revocations and possibly the most important factor of WHEN they actually started doing business. Beware the upstart companies that haven’t been around long. They are most likely looking to take advantage of you. Some auto transport companies only stay in business until their creditors and customers catch up to them. Then they dissolve and reform under a fresh new name to fleece more people who don’t know any better.

There you have it. Use these tips to find the good companies and don’t fret because there are many great companies out there that believe in customer service and WILL do right by you.

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