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Beware of the ultra-low auto transport quote and things that sound too good to be true. Good quality transport drivers don’t need to work for low pay. Poorly rated transport drivers can only get low-paying loads because they have a bad reputation in the industry. Poor quality transports have documented history of late pickups, late arrivals, damaging cars and NOT paying for it, joy-riding vehicles, and very poor customer service relations. We use our database ratings every day to keep the bad transports away from your car. Rapid Auto Transport cares about your car shipping experience.

We only use the top 3% of industry rated trucks. Also, our drivers do not have any damage history on their safety reports. We will not give your car to just any truck that has room for it. We care about who transports your car.

Choosing a dependable auto shipper is of the utmost importance.

When selecting an auto transport company, it is crucial to choose one with a long history of safe & timely transports. Our transporters have good, solid industry ratings and proper cargo insurance in place to ensure protection of your car. We have a very long history of making our customers happy. We don’t abandon our clients once their order is processed. In fact, we ride shotgun on your entire move. It’s the right way to service our customers. We strongly believe in treating our customers as we would like to be treated and it’s the way we operate every day. We oversee the entire process of your auto transport experience. Rapid Auto Transport is committed to top-shelf customer service.

Please be advised that there are other auto transport companies doing business with names very similar to ours. We are in NO way connected to these companies. Please bookmark our site for future reference to avoid any confusion.

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Our auto transports are licensed by the FMCSA.