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Welcome to our auto transport quote page! We suggest picking up the phone and calling us to get personalized customer service. Your call gives us the opportunity to explain how the auto shipping process works in detail.Below you will find additional information about quotes and how they work. There is also some valuable information about what quotes to stay away from and why. So feel free to call us or even just read our articles. It’s important to educate yourself about the auto transport industry to avoid what could be big headaches and that’s why we have posted this information.About Auto Transport Quotes
Why are the quotes I received so wide-ranging in pricing? If you fill out a form online your information is immediately shared with many different auto transport companies. They buy your information in the hopes of getting your business or at least getting their hands on your credit card numbers. When they DON’T make a sale they re-sell your contact information to another company and the cycle continues.

They pay as much as $10 to $15 for each website visitor the search engines (Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc) send them. Guess who pays for that? You do. That is IF you are getting quotes from auto transport companies in the paid sponsor ads on your internet search page.

A good rule of thumb is to scroll down to the real genuine search results…avoiding the paid ads. In most cases the real search result quotes will be better…as in less money. The good auto transports are getting business without paying for ads. Often times the bad companies are found at the top of the browser page waiting to pressure you into signing a contract. Be careful and only get your auto shipping quotes from the listings that are not paid for.

People love to get the lowest price but don’t understand that they are taking a huge risk when shipping their car with companies who quote super-low prices. Those companies are placing their vehicles with transports that have bad ratings because of late pick-up or delivery times, accident damage to vehicles, poor safety records, etc. THOSE are the trucks who can’t get decent paying loads anywhere else except from the ultra-low quote companies.

Auto Transport Broker
That is the truth behind bottom dollar price quotes. You don’t need to overpay for your move but you do need to find an auto transport company that doesn’t feed vehicles to these trucks. Good quality auto transports get paid decent money. Bad auto transports will take anything they can get. Consider this any time you are seeking a car transport quote.

In many cases, a quote will be approximate. A good company doesn’t allow a robot to send you an automated quote. A good company will hunt an available spot for you on the auto transports. Only when that open spot on the trailer has been located will you know the cost to ship a car on it.

A price quote can fluctuate greatly depending upon many variables. A good company is aware of that and does not send you a computer generated transport quote. They give you the truth instead. That truth is a) every week there are either not enough open spots on the truck or b) there are too many available spots. Those two variables alone can affect the price greatly.

One thing to look out for when choosing an auto transport broker is the bait-and-switch price quotes. They offer you a low price, then a contract to sign. The contract is often times written in their favor. In the fine print they mention something about cancellation fees or upgraded priority service. That’s part of the bait-and-switch. They quote you low, you sign up. Then your auto sits and sits; no contact, no pick-up. Then you get upset and call to find out when the transport will be there and they inform you that you need to upgrade to priority service. Often times that’s approximately $200. When you complain they sit back and let you fume until you either A) upgrade at $200 or B) you cancel. When you cancel you find out either A) there is a $200 cancellation fee or B) your initial deposit is now non-refundable. It’s the most common auto transport rip off around.

Find a good, honest broker and let them work to find you an open spot on the truck. They won’t use the poor quality auto transports to ship a car. Auto transports that do a good job are a must in this industry. Always get your auto shipping quotes from a reputable broker.